Access Programming Ports Without Isolation

Posted in: Product News on October 5th, 2009

It is common for panels to have an isolation interlock on the door to prevent opening the panel whilst there is power to the components inside.  This presents a problem when a program change needs to be made to a component within the enclosure as the panel has to be powered down to open the enclosure, powered up to make the program change then powered down again to close the panel.

In response to this problem Weidmuller has produced a range of FrontCom interfaces that allow access to programming ports without having to open the enclosure.   This allows equipment to be left on, reducing down time and improving safety.

FrontCom Rockstar

clip_image001The FrontCom Rockstar has an IP67 rating and houses a number of interfaces.  In standard guise, the mounting plate incorporates a 9-Pin Serial port, a USB port, an Ethernet port and a 240VAC outlet.  This means a programmer can go to the panel, plug in their laptop and program the devices in the enclosure through the external ports.

The FrontCom Rockstar insert can be customised to suit most applications.  For instance you may need 3 serial ports or 8 USB ports to be accessible.  There is also a padlock kit available to limit access to the ports.

FrontCom Micro

imageThe FrontCom Micro is a simple single port device available in Ethernet and USB variants.  Fitting into a standard 22mm hole, the FrontCom Micro is simple to install and has a IP65 rating.

There are 3 styles available, an RJ45 through connector, an RJ45 Field Assembled Connector and a USB through connector.

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