Digital Panel Mount Current Meter

Posted in: Product News on October 2nd, 2009

imageThe measurement of AC current is critical in many applications in the mining, manufacturing and utilities industries.  With this in mind, Pacific Automation has produced a panel mount programmable digital current meter with a number of innovative features.

The N20Z digital ammeter fits into a standard 45 x 92mm panel cut out and has an IP65 rating.  It programmed via PC software which can be purchased separately or you can submit parameters when ordering and it will be programmed before being shipped.

One of the unique features of the N20Z meter is the fact the display can change colour at defined set points.  The colours available are green, amber and red.  An application example is if you had a 100 Amp circuit, you might set up the display to be green up to 90A and then turn orange as a warning that you were approaching the upper limit of the circuit.  Then , if the current went above 100A, you could set the display to turn red to give a visual indication the circuit was overloaded.  In addition to this, you can also use the alarm outputs to alert your PLC/DCS to the condition of the circuit.


  • 0-5 Amp input from CT – available as a separate item in 100A and 200A variants).
  • 2 Transistor Alarm Outputs – configurable as high or low alarms with hysteresis.
  • Display changes colour at programmed set points – colours available are green, red and amber.
  • Standard 45x92mm panel cut out, shallow depth of 64mm.

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