Illuminated E-Stop Saves Time and Money

Posted in: Product News on October 6th, 2009

HW Unibody Side ViewClipped A story that we hear often is that of the electrician who gets called down to the bottom of a mine to investigate why a machine isn’t working, only to find that the operator has accidently pressed the emergency stop button.  All that is required to get the process back up online is a simple twist of the mushroom head.

It’s amazing to think how much downtime is related to incidents such as this and the associated costs that are involved.

Idec has created a simple solution for this problem with their Illuminated E-Stop Switches.  These switches have an inbuilt LED or incandescent globe which illuminates when the switch is turned on giving a visual indication of the status of the switch.

With these E-Stop’s installed, the electrician can simply ask if the push button is illuminated to quickly identify the problem.  The operator can then twist the head to release the switch and production can be back up and running in a fraction of the time.


  • Available in 22mm, 30mm and enclosed variants.
  • Available in uni-body construction to prevent tampering.

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