Pump Control Module

Posted in: Product News on November 5th, 2009


The Pump Control Module (PCM) from Bramco provides control for reliable and efficient operation of submersible pumps. It is a proven performer in the Australian mining industry and it’s innovative design, robust construction, ease of installation and low cost sets it apart from competitors.

The module operates as follows: after set up, the pump will stop when the pump snores or runs dry. An adaptive control algorithm is then used to vary the pause and run cycle times. Long run times will cause a short pause time. Short run times will cause long pause time.

For ease of installation the PCM module can be mounted close to the point of connection simply connect the control voltage, CT and other control circuitry as per the recommended connection diagram. Optional level contact inputs may be connected as required.


  • Compact – can be DIN rail or rear panel mounted
  • External CT provides input for motor current monitoring
  • Full current range covered by one CT
  • Switch selection of motor current range with manual setup of snore current level
  • Led indication of: Power On, Run, Pause, Alarm
  • Relay contacts for Run, Alarm
  • 4 – 20mA output is available for motor current monitoring
  • Optional inputs are 2 x contacts for HIGH and LOW level Contact for MC Aux.

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MIE Pump Starter 2MIE Pump Starter 1


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