Field Assembled RJ45 Connector

Posted in: Demonstrations on February 26th, 2010

image The Weidmuller SteadyTec Field Assembled RJ45 Connector is a robust CAT6 rated connector which can be terminated without the need for a crimper.  Unlike other connectors, Weidmuller’s connector utilises all 8 cores of the Ethernet cable which allows for use in gigabit and PoE applications.

Features of the connector include:

  • Tested to 750 plugging cycles.
  • Can be re-terminated up to five times without any loss of functionality.
  • Full metal connector passed through shielding from cable.
  • Snag-less constructions means plastic lugs don’t get broken off.
  • Able to be used in Profinet networks.
  • 50 microns of gold plating on the contacts, standard domestic/commercial connectors come with <10 microns.  This in conjunction with larger flatter pins means that the connector is much more durable and resistant to vibration.



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