LED Floodlight is Certified

Posted in: Product News on February 22nd, 2010

Hadar Lighting is distributed in Australia by Pacific Ex, the specialised hazardous area division of Pacific Automation.

Hadar Lighting have announced that their innovative LED HDL106 floodlights for Zone 1 Hazardous Areas have received third party certification through SIRA for both ATEX and IEC Ex applications.

Hadar with HDL 106Hadar Lighting’s Engineering Director, Barry Thompson, commented, “It is a wonderful start to the year for us as we’ve been showing the units to customers, several of whom had them on trial, for over 6 months now whilst we awaited for the necessary exhaustive certification tests to be completed.

“The benefits of LED technology are now well known and established in that they produce purer light, use far less energy, weigh less and last far longer than traditional sodium or halogen equivalents. For Zone 1 Hazardous Area applications, however, there were very few products on the market that could deliver these benefits within the very strict requirements of a Zone 1 certified fitting.”
“In addition, Zones 1 and 2 applications, by their very nature, tend to be in places difficult to service – derrick lights on oil rigs, or floodlights in petro-chemical plants, for example – which might also involve downtime whilst lighting is renewed. Traditional lighting options, which take a while to warm up, have a limited lifespan ranging from 22,000 hours for high pressure sodium down to as little as 3,000 hours for halogens with many companies exchanging bulbs en masse at half life stage during regular maintenance operations. The HDL106, which requires no warm up, has a lifespan of at least 10 years without any maintenance in line with industry’s preferred ‘fit and forget’ requirements.”

Power consumption of the new floodlights is approximately 40% of traditional equivalent, with adjustable beam dispersal patterns of between 5 degrees and 120 degrees meaning the light goes where it’s designed to go rather than being wasted.

Hadar Lighting Divisional Director, Bob Scott, continued, “Due to the LED technology, the lights are initially more expensive than traditional counterparts, but very quickly pay for themselves through low maintenance and power requirements. They really have very few adverse features – they are easy to fit, cheap to run, very rugged, give off a fantastic white light, are instantly on or off with no warm up period and last, but not least, they are environmentally friendly to dispose as they don’t contain mercury or other hazardous materials. We see the new technology as the way forward with the HDL106 becoming our flagship product – we’re currently dealing with enquiries from all over the world, particularly from the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical sectors.”

Further details of the Hadar Lighting range is available from sales@pacificex.com.au

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