Narrow Signal Isolators for High Density Applications

Posted in: Product News on July 29th, 2011

imageThe new ACT20M series allows for high density installation of signal isolators with only 6.2mm of rail required per channel.

The ACT20M utilises a slim line housing and is available in a range of fixed and configurable variants.  A power bus is also available which allows all the units to share a common power supply in order to save time during installation.

Models available include, 1 or 2 channel input loop powered, 1 or 2 channel output loop powered, DIP switch selectable isolators, 1input, 2 output signal splitter, or universal input PC adjustable isolator using FTD/DTM software. FTD/DTM software is free and allows drivers for new models to be installed, plus drivers from other manufacturer’s products to be included allowing one software package for all programming needs.

Product Features

  • High Isolation Performance: 2.5kV / 3-Way Isolation.
  • High Accuracy of up to 0.5%.
  • Ambient Operating Temperature of up to 75°C.
  • Available in fixed configuration, DIP switch configurable & USB configurable variants.
  • 6.2mm Wide Housing

Product Datasheets

Download ACT20M Flyer: ACT20M Flyer

Download ACT20M Datasheet: ACT20M Datasheet

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