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Posted in: Product News on August 2nd, 2011


Vibrating fork sensors have been used by the process industry for many years for level detection of solids and liquids.  They often prove to be unreliable over time due to product build up on the forks or mechanical failure.

An alternative to Vibrating Fork Sensors comes in the form of a capacitive sensor from Rechner.  Rechner’s 26 Series sensors can be used as a direct replacement for most vibrating fork sensors and are available in standard and IECEx approved variants.

The 26 Series sensor range was originally developed for level control of adhesive products, but they have proved to be a very versatile sensor and they are now used extensively throughout the world in the semiconductor, chemical and food industries.

The housings used are all suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries (PTFE, PEEK & PP) but due to their increased chemical resistance and temperature ratings, they are suitable for a range of aggressive processes.  Process connections available include metric and imperial threads, plus a range or sterile fittings including tri-clamp, F30 & DN40/50/65.  There are also a number of adapters available to make retro-fitting of existing Vibrating Fork sensors simple.

The feature that sets the 26 Series apart from its competitors is the semi-spherical sensing face.  This unique feature makes the sensor far more sensitive and also resists build-up.  Sensors are available with operating temperature ratings of up to 100°C and are capable of up to 121°C during CIP (Cleaning In Process).

If you are having any difficulties with vibrating fork sensors, please contact us for assistance in specifying the correct sensor for your application.

Product Datasheets

Download Datasheet: Rechner 26 Series Catalogue

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