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Posted in: Product News on September 5th, 2011
Bramco Logo 100% Australian owned, Bramco’s products are in operation throughout the world. They are ideally suited to the extreme environments that exist within mining and heavy industries. We encourage you to enhance your business operations through the use of these leading-edge electronic designs that are distributed solely by Pacific Automation in Western Australia.
The el3 earth leakage relay is an intelligent microprocessor based, versatile, earth fault protection module. It has been designed to detect earth current faults flowing in a power system and provide a timed tripping mechanism and excels on latest VVVF drive types. Din-rail or screw down mounted.
The elf3 detects earth fault currents flowing in a power system and provides visual indication of earth leakage conditions. elf3 is specifically designed to protect systems supplying VVVF drives and provides extremely high immunity to converter noise and features a menu driven set-up function and intelligent micro-processor control. Fascia mounted.
The ic3 Earth Continuity Relay is designed to actively monitor the Resistance of the Pilot Earth circuit in a supply cable via diode termination. The ic3 utilizes latest micro-processor technology to provide a greater level of stability over extremely long length pilot cables by using digital filtering techniques. The micro-processor also performs continual self diagnostics to prevent false tripping or failure to operate.
The bar3 1100V and 4160V Isolation barriers are compliant with all relevant statutory and industry standards. The bar3 is a three phase unit designed to isolate high voltages from detection equipment.Contact sales@pacificmi.com.au for more information.

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