New from Leuze ODSL 9 Optical Distance Sensors – for Precise Distance Measurement

Posted in: Product News on October 12th, 2011

With the ODSL 9 series, Leuze electronic has extended its family of optical distance sensors and set new benchmarks for range, precision, compact design and comfortable operation.

The sensors are characterized by a large measurement range from 50 to 650 mm – with high accuracy at the same time. They offer resolutions starting at 0.1 mm at a repeatability of 0.5 % from the anticipated value. The measurement rate of 500 Hz (in speed mode of up to 700 Hz) makes the new ODSL 9 distance sensors the ideal solution for moving applications. This speed can also be used to filter measurement values as well as for static pre-processing, e.g. regarding the average value, median or extreme value filters. The devices operate largely independent of object characteristics, meaning they are insensitive to gloss, structures and bright ambient light.

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