Binary Switching Solution Saves Time, Space & Cost

Posted in: Product News on November 1st, 2011

Unbeatably short, highly economical, where space is at a premium

Binary switching, magnetic field sensitive BMF electronic cylinder switches feature high flexibility. Positions can be detected on virtually any pneumatic cylinder and gripper. BMF 204K and BMF 214K are flush mountable.

With an unrivalled length of just 20 mm they disappear into the C-slot without protruding over the top. This makes them ideal for short-stroke cylinders, mini-grippers and other space-critical applications. These new cylinder switches are particularly economical costing little more than a conventional reed switch. The BMF 204K and BMF 214K are also available as V-Twins with two sensors pre-attached to one connector. They save time and installation cost, take up only one terminal and get by with just one connector.


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