Weidmüller App now available in the App Store for free!

Posted in: Application News, Product News on April 30th, 2012
The ‘Weidmüller App’ for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad opens up a brand new way of obtaining information on Weidmüller products which is fast, mobile and always up-to-date.

This appealing ‘app’ is impressive, with a clearly ordered interface and great functionality. With a simple structure and inviting start page, access to information is intuitive. Fingertip access to the desired information is available via buttons aptly named ie. ‘News’, ‘Product Catalogue’, ‘Search’, ‘User Information’, ‘Enquiry List’, ‘Company Profile’ and ‘Innovations’. The ‘app’ is free and available for download from the ‘App Store’.

Presently available in seven languages the fully accessible, unabridged product catalogue is the heart of the ‘Weidmüller App’. And because its structure in the ‘app’ mirrors Weidmüller’s familiar catalogue structure users are immediately able to navigate with ease. As is the case with the online catalogue, the fully graphics-based navigation simplifies searching for the desired product category. From here users are able to browse to their heart’s content to the individual product details. Alternatively, the search function facilitates direct access to a specific product.

Relevant user products are managed in an enquiry list. Once all of the products required for a project have been added to the enquiry list, a simple click is all that is needed to forward the completed list to Weidmüller to request a quote.

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