The new BCL 300i bar code reader

Posted in: Product News on June 15th, 2012

The new BCL 300i bar code reader
You decide what your bar code reader can do.

What makes our new BCL 300i series special is its modularity. For the first time, you can select from a large number of equipment options to individually configure a device optimally for your application. You thereby obtain a bar code reader perfectly tailored to your needs with regard to function, connection, mounting, and operation and one that stands for reliability and system availability.


Top performance and practical innovation in all areas.

The BCL 300i convinces not only with its proven performance characteristics such as the high-performance code reconstruction technology, the integrated fieldbus connectivity and the—in this performance class—unrivalled optical data at long operating range and wide opening angle.

With the unique hood with integrated connectors, the device can also be quickly connected to your fieldbus environment without complicated plug mounting.

In addition, the compact scanner can be used as an Ethernet switch in the network and can be configured either via the browser-based webConfig tool conveniently and directly via Ethernet or directly in the PROFIBUS / PROFINET environment.

Compromises are a thing of the past – today the word is modular.

With the new BCL 300i, select between freely combinable equipment variants. We call this flexible type of product configuration modular.

  • Display elements
    Graphic display, LED display
  • Optics / read fields
    High density (N), medium density (M), low density (F), ultra low density (L)
  • Scanner
    Oscillating mirror, deflection mirror, front mirror, line scanner, raster scanner
  • Interfaces
    PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet TCP/ IP, multiNet, RS 232 / 422 / 485
  • Connection system
    Modular hood with integrated connectors, modular terminal hood, modular terminal box, connection cable
  • Additional options
    Heater, mounting systems

Diverse application possibilities

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