NEW: A25-Switch

Posted in: Product News on February 25th, 2013

The A25 switch type has been designed for applications where available depths behind the mounting plates are limited and the switching programs require a large number of contacts. They are used when more than 12 switching positions are required. Typical applications are multi-step switches. Multi-pole step switches, instrumentation switches and control switches where depth problems exist. The A25 has 4 double-break contacts per stage which are controlled by two independent cams. The switch column can contain up to 12 stages representing a total of 48 contacts.

Main features:

  • 25A switch with up to 48 contacts
  • Up to 24 switching positions
  • IP20 terminal protection cover available
  • Fast on lugs (A25-4)
  • Wide range of optional extras are available

CLICK HERE for Electrical Data

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