Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices – Functional Extensions

Posted in: Product News on March 13th, 2013


The Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices of the MLD series, designed for efficiency right from the start by Leuze electronic, have now been equipped with new functions as part of a further development.

Effective immediately, the user can switch the operating range or reduce it from 50 m to 20 m. This function is important if there is optical crosstalk between adjacent protective fields, i.e., the transmitter of one transmitter-receiver system influences the receiver of the adjacent system. Moreover, the muting indicator can now clearly signal not only the muting state but also OSSD- and error states over long distances by means of a colour display – a clear advantage for smooth operation. Together with the OSSD message output, direct and simple diagnosis is now possible both visually as well as via the downstream PLC. Also convenient and efficient for the user is the ability to now activate the alignment laser of the safety sensor with a button in addition to the MagnetKey.

Colour indicator now signals various system states

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