The highest level of lightning and surge protection for plants

Posted in: Product News on March 13th, 2013


VPU lightning and surge protection series, types I, II and III for power networks

With the accompanying increase in specification limits, the introduction of IEC/EN 61643-11 in 2012 emphasizes the high degree of significance attached to all-round reliable surge protection.

Our answer to these new requirements is the new VPU lightning and surge protection series.

Based on combined varistor-gas discharge tube technology, this highly advanced product series already fulfils upcoming international standards and thus offers your facilities the greatest degree of protection.

However, you will not just be protecting your plant, but also your planning processes. Conformity with standards for at least 5 years means that you can minimize your planning iteration steps and the redesigns associated with these. Many intelligent product features help installers during installation and maintenance specialists during the servicing of the lightning and surge protection system. Equipped in this way, the VPU Series provides a long-lasting, safe and forward-looking lightning and surge protection solution for your plant. See for yourself.


Best overview

The large, centred status window provides extremely highly visible information on the status of the protective function.

Faster to assemble

The optimised mounting rail clip enables easy and quick assembly and removal, without the need for tools.

Flexible positioning in the control cabinet

According to IEC 62305, the line path from the surge protection module to the PE connection may only be 50 cm. The fact that you can rotate the base through 180° means that you have the highest degree of flexibility during installation, without impacting on overall visibility.

Rapid status messaging

The remote signaling contact with Push In connection can be quickly connected and provides reliable information regarding the status of the protective function.

Firmly locked in position

The arrester can be heard and felt locking into the base. This enables it to comply with the exacting requirements on vibration resistance set by wind turbine plant manufacturers.

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