Baluff BES Q08 Inductive Mini-Sensors

Posted in: Product News on April 17th, 2013

Compact solutions for complex tasks

Compact systems: Complex tasks with a high number of cycles – simply solved
Machines and automatic units are becoming ever more compact, and performing ever more complex tasks. The number of positions to be monitored is increasing. At the same time, complex manufacturing steps must be carried out safely. All at a high cycle frequency.

This is where the smallest of sensors with the most modern technology are required, which are able to work reliably “at the coalface”. The BES Q08 inductive mini-sensors in their robust 8 x 8 mm housing are ideal here.

Thanks to the radial arrangement of the sensitive surface, the BES Q08 family requires an installation depth of only a few millimetres. This is why it is particularly suitable for use where cylindrical types are too long, and why it is most at home in robotics, e.g. for gripper arms or control end positions. Because of their high switching frequency of several kHz, the sensors also quickly detect moving or rotating objects.

Easy assembly
The robust metal housing with solid M3 threaded holes ensures simple, direct assembly without additional fasteners, and provides a secure connection to the application, even when installed flush with metallic components.

Functional reliability
The main reason for sensor failure is mechanical damage. The great reacting distances of the BES Q08 family (up to three times greater than the standard value) allow the sensors to be positioned at a greater distance, to keep them safe in critical applications, without impairing sensor function. The electric connections are short-circuit-proof and protected against reverse polarity.

Wide range
Cuboid shape 8 x 8 mm
Housing lengths from 20 to 59 mm, including plug-in connection
Reacting distances of 1.5 to 3.0 mm – even when installed flush
Radial, sensitive surface at the end or in the middle of the housing
Integrated plug-in connector in M5 or M8, cable head with M5 or M8 connector or cable connection

Application Example

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