Micropulse Transducer BTL6 Profile PF IO Link

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Simple to configure – quick to install and commission

Micropulse travel sensing systems in PF profile casing are proximity, absolute measurement systems for precise detection of travel. They are distinguished by their very slim profile and robust design with high-protection IP 67 enclosure rating. The current axis positions are “marked” by the position sensor magnet through the wall of the aluminium section.These travel sensing systems can tolerate a lateral and vertical offset of up to 15 mm.

Features and benefits of PF profile
Ultra-slim profile for easy passage
Proximity sensing of detected position
Impervious to dirt, IP 67
Shock and vibration-proof
Absolute output signal
Measured length up to 4570 mm
Resolution 1 µm
Linearity error ± 200 µm
Error and status LEDs

Proximity sensing system with IO Link
The Micropulse PF IO Link is an absolute, proximity sensing travel detection system that continuously supplies readings in µm at 1 ms intervals. Those readings are directly digitally transmitted via IO Link.

IO Link is a point-to-point connection that runs under any network. An IO Link system consists of an IO Link device, e.g. a sensor or actuator, an IO Link master and the cabling. Master modules are available with all common field bus protocols. The Micropulse PF IO Link device is connected to the master by a standard sensor/actuator lead with a maximum length of 20 m. The Micropulse PF IO Link operates at the communication rate of COM3 (230 kB), which achieves a process data cycle of 1 ms with a 1.1 master. The user interface can be represented on the engineering system via IO Link with the aid of an IODD (I/O device description). Because of the constant information flow, all data is stored centrally and consistently so that configuration is possible and reproducible at any time.

Your added value from the PF Profile IO Link
Easy to configure, quick to install and commission
COM3, 1 ms process data cycle possible, detects movements quickly and reliably
Automatic OTF (on the fly) configuration with system running
Continual monitoring and diagnosis
High transmission rate, fast process data cycle
Economical to wire thanks to standard M12 cable connector
Easy to integrate in control system using standard IO Link modules or sensor hubs
For tough industrial environment, can be used with Balluff IP 67 IO Link master modules

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