BCL 20 bar code reader – Depth of field with blue light

Posted in: Product News on May 21st, 2013

Leuze electronic is now using a blue laser in the BCL 20 bar code reader series and, with its light with a wavelength of 405 nm, is achieving astounding results regarding depth of field, operating range and code reading at very small modulus widths.

A module is the narrowest bar in a bar code. With small modulus widths (e.g. 0.15 mm), red light lasers can offer only a small depth of field (30 mm), but with the blue diode, the depth of field is considerably larger (90 mm). This results in a larger tolerance in the application when positioning the code. In addition, the operating range of the (B-) optics with the blue laser is now 220 mm as compared to the previous 180 mm (red laser). The new BCL 20 SB bar code readers are used primarily in areas with small 1D-codes, for example in packaging technology, the pharmaceutical industry and in laboratory applications (see images). In principle, the stationary high-speed scanners of the BCL 20 series offer a space-saving solution for industrial environments and are equipped with a fail-safe parameter memory.
BCL 20 SB with blue laser during labeling BCL 20 SB in analysis automation

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