Pacific Automation welcomes Balluff’s new sensor functionality

Posted in: Product News on March 29th, 2018

Pacific Automation is pleased to share some new product information about Balluff’s sensor range.

Balluff recently released added functionality to its standard 18mm tubular photoelectric sensors.

As the exclusive distributor for Balluff Australia, Pacific Automation has distribution rights to these products in Western Australia, Northern Territory and other select regions of Australia, and, as always, is on hand to provide the latest information and answer any technical or application questions our customers have.

What’s new?

Configuration of this family of sensors can be achieved either through the integral teach button or via IO-Link. The family of sensors includes diffuse, retroreflective and through-beam modes of operations.

The tubular sensors have multiple output modes, including single-point, window mode, and two-point sensing modes with either standard or dynamic teach functionalities.

With IO-Link, simple installation and easy controls integration translates to cost savings for machine builders on design, build, & commissioning while manufacturers see a value in the ability to hot-swap smart sensors via the automatic parameterisation functionality.

Key product features

  • Diffuse, retroreflective and through-beam modes
  • Diagnostics with IO-Link, including low-voltage, over-temperature and emitter detect
  • Stability/margin indicator
  • Visible red light for easy alignment
  • Rugged metal housing

Download the product fact sheet here.

To view the Balluff announcement, click here or watch the video about it here.

For more information, to request a sample or for sales enquiries, please email