Product news: Balluff’s SmartLight Tower Light just got smarter

Posted in: Application News, Product News on May 24th, 2018

Pacific Automation has got some great news for our Balluff SmartLight Tower Light customers.

If you already thought Balluff’s SmartLight was the most flexible tower indicator light ever… it just got that little bit smarter with its new “flexible mode”.

Its flexible mode enables two new applications – user-defined segments and point-of-use indication.

This means you can get creative with indication solutions.

How can you get creative with Balluff’s SmartLight Tower Light?

From point-of-use applications for operators at the machine to status indication for management on plant operations, flexible mode enables increased visibility into your process.

The SmartLight tower light adds value to the plant floor as it combines multiple modes of operations and functions in a single programmable light. It offers four programmable modes of functionality: segment or stack light, level indication or bar graph, run light, and flexible mode. A SmartLight tower light with a buzzer option is also available for audible feedback.

Watch the product video here or read more about it here.

As the exclusive distributor for Balluff Australia, Pacific Automation has distribution rights to its product range in Western Australia, Northern Territory and other select regions of Australia. Our technical team is on hand to provide the latest information and answer any technical or application questions our customers have.

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