Danfoss appoints Pacific Automation as sales partner for VACON industrial drives in Western Australia

Posted in: Company News, Product News on April 19th, 2018

Pacific Automation is pleased to announce it has been appointed by Danfoss Australia as its sales partner in Western Australia to provide sales and technical support for VACON industrial drives, from 1 May 2018.

This move is part of Danfoss’ global strategy to enhance customer support and operational activities. Danfoss has aligned with selected sales partners in Australia and New Zealand to ensure their customers continue to receive comprehensive sales and application support locally for the VLT and VACON industrial VSD product range.

From 1 May 2018, please direct your enquiries for Danfoss VLT and VACON variable speed drives, and MCD soft starter products to Pacific Automation.

You can view the product range here.

Please send orders and pricing enquiries to sales@pacificautomation.com.au.

Pacific Automation attending Hannover Messe with Weidmuller

Posted in: Company News, Product News on April 19th, 2018

Pacific Automation’s management team is heading to Hannover to participate in Hannover Messe with global manufacturer Weidmuller.

One of the largest industrial exhibitions in the world, the Hannover Messe features everything from individual components to the complete intelligent factory, as well as topical trends such as energy efficiency, lightweight construction and additive manufacturing.

As Pacific Automation is a vital source for Weidmuller products in Western Australia, this exhibition will provide another opportunity to learn more about Weidmuller’s products, discover technical innovations, talk with customers and meet new ones.

The visit will also further equip our team on the ground in Western Australia with the latest product information so it can continue to provide the best technical support and application advice to our customers.

If you’re attending Hannover Messe, come and visit Weidmuller’s stand.

If you’d like to hear the latest information when we return from our visit, contact our head office on:  + 61 (0) 8 9414 7999 or email sales@pacificautomation.com.au.

Pacific Automation now supplies 2iB pump control relay nationally

Posted in: Company News, Product News on April 12th, 2018

Pacific Automation is pleased to announce it is now the exclusive supplier of the new 2iB pump control relay, nationally.

Classified as the safest snore control relay on the market, the Pump Snore Controller (SC10) with advanced safety and control is used for electric submersible pump control applications.

It reduces pumping and maintenance costs and equipment downtime because it prevents the equipment from running dry for extended periods and enables the pump to cycle on inflow history.

It also reduces manufacturing costs of pump control panels. The microprocessor relay has multiple inputs and outputs for control, removing the need for manual-auto switches, alarm relays, float control circuits or start relays. Removing these switches and relays means less parts and labour cost to install them.

Designed to maximise operator safety, it features:

  • Pump current reference display
  • Analogue input scaling input via dip switches
  • Quick push-button set point setting
  • Multiple input control options
  • Local and remote stop and start
  • Multiple alarm output selection
  • Multiple control options

Download the 2iB product brochure here.

For pricing enquiries or to place an order, please email sales@pacificautomation.com.au.


Pacific Automation welcomes Balluff’s new sensor functionality

Posted in: Product News on March 29th, 2018

Pacific Automation is pleased to share some new product information about Balluff’s sensor range.

Balluff recently released added functionality to its standard 18mm tubular photoelectric sensors.

As the exclusive distributor for Balluff Australia, Pacific Automation has distribution rights to these products in Western Australia, Northern Territory and other select regions of Australia, and, as always, is on hand to provide the latest information and answer any technical or application questions our customers have.

What’s new?

Configuration of this family of sensors can be achieved either through the integral teach button or via IO-Link. The family of sensors includes diffuse, retroreflective and through-beam modes of operations.

The tubular sensors have multiple output modes, including single-point, window mode, and two-point sensing modes with either standard or dynamic teach functionalities.

With IO-Link, simple installation and easy controls integration translates to cost savings for machine builders on design, build, & commissioning while manufacturers see a value in the ability to hot-swap smart sensors via the automatic parameterisation functionality.

Key product features

  • Diffuse, retroreflective and through-beam modes
  • Diagnostics with IO-Link, including low-voltage, over-temperature and emitter detect
  • Stability/margin indicator
  • Visible red light for easy alignment
  • Rugged metal housing

Download the product fact sheet here.

To view the Balluff announcement, click here or watch the video about it here.

For more information, to request a sample or for sales enquiries, please email sales@pacificautomation.com.au.

Balluff Australia appoints Pacific Automation as exclusive distributor for Balluff products in WA and NT

Posted in: Company News, Product News on March 1st, 2018

Balluff Australia has appointed Pacific Automation as its exclusive distributor for all Balluff products in Western Australia, Northern Territory and other select regions of Australia.

This includes distribution of all Balluff products, Werna, Kuebler, Bernstein, and other Balluff spare parts.

Pacific Automation will also be the primary provider of services and application support in the respective regions.

Darren Wright, Pacific Automation, said, “For the past 12 years, Pacific Automation has been a premier supplier of sensors throughout Australia. By adding Balluff to our product portfolio and by leveraging their support infrastructure, we can provide customers with high-quality products and services, tailored to their applications.”

Jason Bouyer, Balluff, said, “Our team has been working closely with Pacific Automation to align the businesses to provide enhanced local support for our entire product portfolio within the region. By adding Pacific Automation to the Balluff family, we can further help customers by providing a faster response, together with the high level of technical support and service. The combination of Balluff Pty. Ltd. and Pacific Automation will provide unparalleled support in the region.”

For orders or pricing enquiries, please email sales@pacificautomation.com.au.

Jason Bouyer, Balluff, and Darren Wright, Pacific Automation

Pacific Automation continues distribution of Weidmuller in Western Australia

Posted in: Company News, Product News on February 1st, 2018

Pacific Automation is pleased to announce it will continue to be a vital source for Weidmuller products in Western Australia.

As you may know, there have been some changes in the Weidmuller distributorship.

We want to assure you that we’re still here and will continue to be a vital source for Weidmuller products throughout Western Australia. In fact, we’ve expanded our stock levels to ensure our customers experience a seamless transition.

As with all Pacific Automation products, you’ll receive technical support and application advice.

We’ve been a distributor of Weidmuller in Western Australia for the past 11 years and look forward to continuing to be a reliable source for its product range, as well as providing ongoing technical advice and support.

For pricing enquiries or to place an order, please email sales@pacificautomation.com.au.

Increase Safety and Efficiency

Posted in: Product News on November 9th, 2016








Pacific Automation is the sales partner of Ampcontrol in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. We are pleased to announce the release of the PF1 integrated pump and fan control relay.

Ampcontrol is at the forefront of electrical protection with over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of protection and monitoring control relays. In an industry where safety is paramount, Ampcontrol has a proven track record of delivering products to
suit the unique system challenges and hazards of hard rock mining applications. This comprehensive and cost effective range of relays
ensure safe and stable electrical systems and provide:

• Increased personnel protection and safety
• Continuous monitoring of electrical system integrity
• Increased plant protection and improved economic efficiency
• Reduced downtime and fault damage
• Accurate measurements negating nuisance tripping
• Event logging assisting integration of past faults
• Detection of potential fire hazards caused by high fault currents

• AS/NZS2081 compliance

Ampcontrol’s hard rock range of relays includes protection solutions for all applications through integrated and individual relay protection for earth leakage, earth continuity, earth fault lockout and frozen contactor.

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Drive Energy Consumption with Danfoss

Posted in: Product News on September 21st, 2016


The need for energy conservation is a key driver in the development of speed control devices and AC drives provide the optimum method of controlling the speed of electric motors to match load demand.
Even small changes in motor speed can result in significant changes in energy consumption.

Being required to operate in our climate Danfoss drives use innovative cooling techniques to reduce energy consumption too.

For more detailed information see:


What is back channel cooling?

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The Best in Variable Speed Drives

Posted in: Company News, Product News on May 21st, 2015

Pacific Automation are the sales partner and stockist for Danfoss general purpose drives in Western Australia. Designed for variable speed control on any industrial machine or production line, a VLT® Automation Drive helps its owner save energy, increase flexibility, and optimise processes. Danfoss VLT® drives are available in the power range from 0.18 kW to 1.4 MW and are the most energy efficient drives available.

Pacific Automation are also able to provide technical support and advice on existing Danfoss Drives such as the VLT 2800, VLT 5000 and VLT 6000 and also new drives including the FC 300 and high power drives. Danfoss drives have many specialist Industrial functions, both hardware and software, installed as standard. The full VLT® offer also comprises software and services for frequency converters and motor starters.


Please contact sales@pacificmi.com.au for technical advice and support.

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Winning Local Control Stations

Posted in: Application News, Product News on May 13th, 2014

Local Control StationsBest practice, best quality, best performance… these are not awards, they are habits for Pacific Automation when it comes to supplying local control stations to mining and industrial projects.

From single button E-Stops to complex multi-function panels for OEM equipment, these local control stations are built to last. Made from bead finish 316 stainless steel they are suited to harsh environments which means Australian conditions.

Our experienced workshop team can assemble large quantities for a short lead time and will configure the enclosures to suit individual site requirements.

Our many years of experience means that you get the right configuration for your job.

Please contact sales@pacificmi.com.au for technical advice and support.

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Raytec Win IFSEC Award for VARIO IP

Posted in: Company News on June 6th, 2013



Raytec have won their first ever IFSEC award for their new range of VARIO IP network illuminators.

Debuted at the IFSEC International exhibition in Birmingham, UK, this May, VARIO IP picked up the accolade for Best CCTV System of the Year, during the IFSEC awards ceremony on the first night of the show.

As the first ever IP addressable CCTV illuminator, VARIO IP is quickly making a big name for itself in the global security industry, having already been shortlisted as a finalist in the ISC West New Product Awards 2013.

With the launch of VARIO IP, users can not only adjust their IP cameras remotely, but they can now control their lighting in the same way too, via a user friendly web interface or video management system.

VARIO IP is available in both Infra-Red and White-Light LED, and provides dedicated IP lighting for network cameras, allowing for remote set up, commissioning, operation and maintenance of your lighting scheme. Users have full control over their lighting at all times, to alter settings and instantly respond to live events in real time or operational changes, for the best CCTV images and safety 24/7.

VARIO IP makes it much easier to operate large CCTV systems in a more secure and much greener way. VARIO IP can be controlled individually or in groups by a variety of other security technologies, and scheduled using a timer for activation only when needed, to reduce electrical consumption even further.

For more information on Infra-Red VARIO IP, click here.

For more information on White-Light VARIO IP, click here.

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Third-generation 22mm XW series emergency stop switches with mechanical indicator

Posted in: Product News on June 6th, 2013


newsproducts_130516_3IDEC announced the release of XW series emergency stop switches with mechanical indicator.

Normal / latched status can be checked from a distance with the mechanincal indicator function. The smooth ridge-less button prevents dust build-up and assures comfortable operation.

The new emergency stop switches assure the highest level of safety that an HMI environment requires.

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SmartAXIS Series FT1A Controller, a powerful PLC with embedded I/O.Touch, Pro, and Lite models available

Posted in: Product News on June 6th, 2013


IDEC announced the release of the SmartAXIS series FT1A controller. The FT1A controllers are available in 12, 24, 40, 48, I/O CPUs and 3.8″ HMI+PLC 65K color TFT or STN monochrome touchscreen.


The FT1A controllers can be used in various applications such as small machine tools, food processing machines, and packaging machines. Specific application examples include elevator control, drain pumps, water server, vending machine, coffee server, sprinkler, mist generator, greenhouse control, coin-operated shower, golf ball feeder.

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BVS-E Infrared Vision Sensors – Invisibly reliable

Posted in: Product News on May 22nd, 2013


Inspection and read processes for vision sensors can be impaired by changing ambient lighting conditions. Simultaneously, employees and technicians are often bothered by the pulsing red light of normal vision sensors. The BVS-E vision sensor with infrared lighting and integrated daylight filter eliminates both of these problems.

Its light is invisible to the human eye, removing intrusive flickering to the operator. And its integrated daylight filter ensures that visible ambient light cannot effect image quality. This increases the image quality and the stability of the inspection, greatly increasing inspection and process reliability.

  • Invisible light does not bother employees
  • Integrated daylight filter for increased process reliability
  • Simple to replace with fixed integrated lighting, optics and filter
  • 10% higher light intensity than comparable red light sensors
  • Safe for the eyes, certified for CE (EN 62471:2008)


BVS Infrared Application Example

View the range of BVS-E infrared vision sensors

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BCL 20 bar code reader – Depth of field with blue light

Posted in: Product News on May 21st, 2013

Leuze electronic is now using a blue laser in the BCL 20 bar code reader series and, with its light with a wavelength of 405 nm, is achieving astounding results regarding depth of field, operating range and code reading at very small modulus widths.

A module is the narrowest bar in a bar code. With small modulus widths (e.g. 0.15 mm), red light lasers can offer only a small depth of field (30 mm), but with the blue diode, the depth of field is considerably larger (90 mm). This results in a larger tolerance in the application when positioning the code. In addition, the operating range of the (B-) optics with the blue laser is now 220 mm as compared to the previous 180 mm (red laser). The new BCL 20 SB bar code readers are used primarily in areas with small 1D-codes, for example in packaging technology, the pharmaceutical industry and in laboratory applications (see images). In principle, the stationary high-speed scanners of the BCL 20 series offer a space-saving solution for industrial environments and are equipped with a fail-safe parameter memory.
BCL 20 SB with blue laser during labeling BCL 20 SB in analysis automation

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Solutions for Preventing Catastrophic Metal Forming Events

Posted in: Application News on April 18th, 2013

By David Read – Channel Industry Development Manager, Balluff

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Nine pounds of stuff in a one pound bag?”, or otherwise known as the “Blivet Effect?”

I’ve recently experience this, actually four incidences in three different companies to be exact. It revolves the wrong shut height. When the recipe in a press doesn’t match die dimensions, or when the die dimensions are estimated, some bad things can happen.

In all of these companies, stamping presses of various tonnage ratings were run with a die that was over shut height dimension (the first hit caused a kaboom!). Dies were locked up so badly, that they had to be torched, cut, and/or mechanically coaxed out. In all cases, it took several days for this process to take place, causing lost production and significant down time (not to mention the financial loss and aggravation for a multitude of employees).

In order to eliminate these situations, here are two off-the-shelf electronic solutions that can be installed:

1. Linear Transducers – Provide Measurement Feedback and Electronic Reference
The body of a magnetostrictive transducer is mounted to the press frame. A mechanical arm that moves a magnet (captive on a track or floating above the surface of a profile-style transducer) along the distance of the transducer provides continuous analog feedback (typically 0-10V or 4-20mA output) to provide precise distance feedback. The electronic feedback is translated into inches or millimeters and a correct reference shut height dimension is displayed. Transducers are manufactured in lengths to match all stamping stroke requirements, from a few inches to over 12 feet.

2. UHF RFID – Identify proper die and selected recipe (Varying sizes and shapes of dies mandates reading tags from a long distance with a wide range of tag locations)
The benefits of this solution are that adding UHF RFID eliminates damages to dies and press and substantially reduces downtime. It also offer the hidden benefit of Traceability. Traceability allows the integration of die utilization in press with Active Plant system to track usage results. This leads to better management of die assets for preventive maintenance.

In one organization, for an investment of $5K, an estimated $240-$320K was saved in one year because catastrophic events were prevented using UHF RFID.

So, if you’re experiencing problems with your shut height in metal forming and have locked-up a stamping die or injured a press, these solutions could save you in expensive downtime!

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Vario Now Available With Adaptive Illumination

Posted in: Product News on April 17th, 2013

The VARIO series represents class leading White-Light illumination designed for general area illumination. VARIO illuminators combine the latest advances in optics, remote control, electronic feedback and green technology into an outstanding all-round package.

The VARIO range now includes Adaptive Illumination™ (AI) versions, with both double and triple panel variants available. VARIO AI offers much greater distances and even more flexibility to adapt the horizontal beam angle on site anywhere between 10-180°.

The new AI versions still incorporate all of the key features and benefits of the standard VARIO range, including Interchangeable Lenses, Remote control, LED Status Feedback and Hot-spot Reduction Technology.

Click here to view the range

For more information or assistance please contact the experienced sales staff at PacificMI:

P: (08) 9414 7999

E: sales@pacificmi.com.au

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Baluff BES Q08 Inductive Mini-Sensors

Posted in: Product News on April 17th, 2013

Compact solutions for complex tasks

Compact systems: Complex tasks with a high number of cycles – simply solved
Machines and automatic units are becoming ever more compact, and performing ever more complex tasks. The number of positions to be monitored is increasing. At the same time, complex manufacturing steps must be carried out safely. All at a high cycle frequency.

This is where the smallest of sensors with the most modern technology are required, which are able to work reliably “at the coalface”. The BES Q08 inductive mini-sensors in their robust 8 x 8 mm housing are ideal here.

Thanks to the radial arrangement of the sensitive surface, the BES Q08 family requires an installation depth of only a few millimetres. This is why it is particularly suitable for use where cylindrical types are too long, and why it is most at home in robotics, e.g. for gripper arms or control end positions. Because of their high switching frequency of several kHz, the sensors also quickly detect moving or rotating objects.

Easy assembly
The robust metal housing with solid M3 threaded holes ensures simple, direct assembly without additional fasteners, and provides a secure connection to the application, even when installed flush with metallic components.

Functional reliability
The main reason for sensor failure is mechanical damage. The great reacting distances of the BES Q08 family (up to three times greater than the standard value) allow the sensors to be positioned at a greater distance, to keep them safe in critical applications, without impairing sensor function. The electric connections are short-circuit-proof and protected against reverse polarity.

Wide range
Cuboid shape 8 x 8 mm
Housing lengths from 20 to 59 mm, including plug-in connection
Reacting distances of 1.5 to 3.0 mm – even when installed flush
Radial, sensitive surface at the end or in the middle of the housing
Integrated plug-in connector in M5 or M8, cable head with M5 or M8 connector or cable connection

Application Example

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Balluff BSP Flush Pressure Sensors

Posted in: Product News on April 17th, 2013

For fluids in which standard pressure sensors are out of their depth

Balluff pressure sensors with flush diaphragm have a welded stainless steel diaphragm. As a result there is no dead space and the sensors are very easy to clean. That makes them attractive for fluids in which standard pressure sensors are out of their depth.

They are suitable for pressure sensing in viscous, semi-solid or crystallising fluids or liquids with solid content. For example, for
Changing fluids

Benefits and features of BSP flush pressure sensors
Zero dead space
No seals or protrusions in the process
Flush welded stainless steel diaphragm
No adhesion to sensor
Easy to clean

Easy to install
These hard-wearing devices feature a high-quality, long-life stainless steel sensor cell and are convincingly simple to install, user-friendly and high-precision. A large, bright and clearly readable display ensures you are always in the picture. It not only shows the current system pressure, it is also impressively intuitive to use. Two buttons are sufficient to quickly and easily configure the sensor to VDMA standard.

Due to their very compact design, the sensors are versatile and space-saving when it comes to installation in the control cabinet. The display and control panel and the electrical connection can be rotated through 320° relative to the flange independently of one another. Connection to the process is by G½” external thread to EN 3852.

The right sensor for your application
With eleven pressure range versions, the BSP flush pressure sensors cover all important ranges from -1 to 2 bar right up to 0 to 600 bar and so cater comprehensively for monitoring process fluids in factory automation. The new Balluff pressure sensors are available with either two switching points or with one analogue switching output (0…10V or 4…20mA).

1. Semi-solid or highly viscous fluid, liquid containing dirt or solids.
2. Flush stainless steel diaphragm – no clogging or premature failure of sensor. Also aids easy cleaning of the piping system.

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Micropulse Transducer BTL6 Profile PF IO Link

Posted in: Product News on April 16th, 2013


Simple to configure – quick to install and commission

Micropulse travel sensing systems in PF profile casing are proximity, absolute measurement systems for precise detection of travel. They are distinguished by their very slim profile and robust design with high-protection IP 67 enclosure rating. The current axis positions are “marked” by the position sensor magnet through the wall of the aluminium section.These travel sensing systems can tolerate a lateral and vertical offset of up to 15 mm.

Features and benefits of PF profile
Ultra-slim profile for easy passage
Proximity sensing of detected position
Impervious to dirt, IP 67
Shock and vibration-proof
Absolute output signal
Measured length up to 4570 mm
Resolution 1 µm
Linearity error ± 200 µm
Error and status LEDs

Proximity sensing system with IO Link
The Micropulse PF IO Link is an absolute, proximity sensing travel detection system that continuously supplies readings in µm at 1 ms intervals. Those readings are directly digitally transmitted via IO Link.

IO Link is a point-to-point connection that runs under any network. An IO Link system consists of an IO Link device, e.g. a sensor or actuator, an IO Link master and the cabling. Master modules are available with all common field bus protocols. The Micropulse PF IO Link device is connected to the master by a standard sensor/actuator lead with a maximum length of 20 m. The Micropulse PF IO Link operates at the communication rate of COM3 (230 kB), which achieves a process data cycle of 1 ms with a 1.1 master. The user interface can be represented on the engineering system via IO Link with the aid of an IODD (I/O device description). Because of the constant information flow, all data is stored centrally and consistently so that configuration is possible and reproducible at any time.

Your added value from the PF Profile IO Link
Easy to configure, quick to install and commission
COM3, 1 ms process data cycle possible, detects movements quickly and reliably
Automatic OTF (on the fly) configuration with system running
Continual monitoring and diagnosis
High transmission rate, fast process data cycle
Economical to wire thanks to standard M12 cable connector
Easy to integrate in control system using standard IO Link modules or sensor hubs
For tough industrial environment, can be used with Balluff IP 67 IO Link master modules

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