Pacific Automation can supply a complete range of audible signals to suit a number of applications.  This includes electronic/electromechanical buzzers, sirens, horns and a range of devices that combine both optical and audible elements.

Electronic/Electromechanical Buzzers

The buzzers range includes a number of free standing and panel mount products.  Buzzers can be configured for either continuous or pulse tones.

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Sirens & Multi-Tone Sounders

Werma has a large range of sirens and sounders up to IP65.  The multi-tone sounders can be configured from a selection of up to 32 tones and some models allow for up to three tones to be triggered externally.

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Signal Horns

Signal horns are loud electronic horns capable of volumes in excess of 98dB.  Integrated brackets and IP65 ratings allow for simple installation in any environment.

Also available are three tone gongs and alarm bells.

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Optical-Audible Signal Devices

The Werma Optical-Audible signal devices are available in a number of configurations to suit a large range of applications.  The combination of optical and audible signals leads to greater effectiveness as both the eyes and the ears are address by the sensory stimuli.

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