Tower Lights

Pacific Automation supplies a complete range of signal towers from Werma.  This includes both modular and pre-assembled models.

Modular Signal Towers

Werma has three families of signal towers that can accept combinations of up to five optical or audible elements.  The most common choice is KombiSIGN 71 Series which has an IP65 rating and a 70mm diameter.  Pacific Automation keeps stock of a large range of elements and bases to suit this series.

Innovative features such as self adjusting sirens, multiple interfaces and EVS (Enhances Visibility System) means Werma is a leading manufacturer in the world market.

Pacific Automation can pre-construct a signal tower to any specification as well as providing enclosures and power supplies to suit.


Pre-Assembled Signal Towers

Werma produces a range of pre-assembled signal towers to suit standard applications.

The range includes standard tower light configurations as well as LED lighting and stainless steel signal towers.

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