Blocked Chute

Blocked chute detection is critical in materials handling applications as blockages can cause significant damage, wastage and most importantly down time. There are a number of methods of detecting a blocked chute available including both contact and non-contact methods. The best method for the application is dictated by the material being detected and installation environment. PacificMI has a range of systems available from basic tilt switches to microwave, ultrasonic, optical and capacitive sensing systems.

Microwave Level Switches

Microwave level switches are a non-contact method of monitoring high and low level. A microwave transmitter emits a microwave beam across the chute/container and is received by a microwave detector on the opposite side. A controller with adjustable sensitivity can detect blockages and trigger an output whilst being able to ignore build up. As the Australian distributor for Delavan Process Instruments, PacificMI can provide prompt delivery and service of microwave systems.

Tilt Switches

Tilt Switches are a dependable and versatile means of monitoring flow and high levels in bulk materials. The probe is completely sealed and self-contained with a built-in time delay, eliminating in most cases the need for costly timers and relays.

Construction is of a robust nature and is unaffected by vibration due to the patented hydraulic dampening device. The tilt switch can be adapted to suit many applications and variety of materials and are designed for the easy attachment of paddles, fins and wear plates.