iMAC Supervisory Controller

iMAC can be used in installations that require the monitoring and control of conveyor systems, pumps, fans and security networks. The system is ideally suited for applications where the controls, switches, or device points are widespread and where the distances between are substantial. iMAC utilises the latest line driver technology, computer processing units and a patented line protocol.

Remote Isolation

Traditional conveyor isolation techniques are time consuming, often relying on complex procedures that require highly skilled people. Conveyor downtime can be aggravated by travel times associated with performing manual isolations and with industry moving toward larger scale operations, the costs associated with manual isolation are escalating. Ampcontrol’s remote isolation solutions address these key inefficiencies.



Simplified automated lockout procedures with clear feedback for operators Increased safety through automation and may be carried out by less skilled staff, minimising human error
Multiple isolation stations Reduces need to travel
Tight integration with iMAC emergency stop safety system High reliability
Self-monitoring system Ease of maintenance, reporting and system integrity
IECEx Certified for use in Zone 0, Group I installations Safe for use in hazardous areas
Audible feedback of isolation state when integrated with VoiceCom Clear notification for operators