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RJ45 Field Assembled Connectors

Weidmuller’s field terminated RJ45 plug uses Steadytec technology to ensure fast robust connections in the field.  They allow for up to CAT6 terminations in the field without the need for a crimper and can be made up in as little as 1 minute.

1963600000 IE-PS-RJ45-FH-BK Field Assembled RJ45 Connector

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Copper Patch Cables

Weidmuller’s Cabinetline CAT6A Screened Ethernet Cables are industrial patch cables and are available in standard lengths from 0.5 – 25 metres.  A variety of sheath colours are available to allow for visual separation of networks or VLANs.  Colours available include Blue, Grey, Black, Red, Purple, Yellow & Green.

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Bulk Cable

Weidmuller manufactures a variety of Ethernet cable suitable for use in industrial installations.  The range includes CAT5 & CAT7 rated cables in PVC and PUR sheaths.  UV stabilised versions are also available for outdoor installations.  Depending on the application, either a solid core installation cable or a multi-core flexible cable can be specified.

8813130000 IE-7IC4X2XAWG23/1-PVC 100M Solid Core Installation CAT7 PVC
8813140000 IE-7IC4X2XAWG23/1-PUR 100M Solid Core Installation CAT7 PUR
8813150000 IE-5IC4X2XAWG24/1-PVC 100M Solid Core Installation CAT5 PVC
8813160000 IE-5IC4X2XAWG24/1-PUR 100M Solid Core Installation CAT5 PUR
8813170000 IE-7CC4X2XAWG26/7-PVC 100M Flexible Connecting CAT7 PVC
8813180000 IE-7CC4X2XAWG26/7-PUR 100M Flexible Connecting CAT7 PUR
8813190000 IE-5CC4X2XAWG26/7-PVC 100M Flexible Connecting CAT5 PVC
8813200000 IE-5CC4X2XAWG26/7-PUR 100M Flexible Connecting CAT5 PUR

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Fibre Patch Cables & Accessories

PacificMI stocks and supplies a range of fibre optic patch cables and FOBOTs for industrial applications.  All common connector types are available in Multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3) and Singlemode variants.

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IP67 Connectors

Weidmuller’s STEADYTEC range of IP67 connectors are ideal for applications where dust, water or vibration are present.  There are 5 housing styles available including plastic and metal variants.  Inserts are available to suit CAT6A copper connections (field assembled – no crimping required), as well as duplex fibre optics.

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DIN Rail Outlets

Weidmuller’s STEADYTEC din rail outlets provide a flexible, rugged, industrialised solution for field cable termination and patching within a cabinet or cubicle.   They are available to suit RJ45, USB and fibre optic connections and suitable for mounting on TS35 DIN rail.

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Panel Outlets

Weidmuller manufactures a range of panel mounted outlets to suit industrial Ethernet connections.  Available in either IP65 or IP67 variants, they are suitable for use where access to ports is required for programming or temporary communication purposes.

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Weidmuller manufactures a range of tools designed for Industrial Ethernet.  These include stripping, crimping, punch down, punching, testing and termination tools.

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