Hadar Industrial LED

HDN103 Industrial LED Helideck/Obstruction/Bulkhead Luminaire

The Hadar HDN-103 Industrial LED Bulkhead offers 360° coverage. Available in Green (Helidecks), Red (Obstruction) or White (general lighting). This unit can be set on installation for constant light output or flashing. The LED technology should give the unit 100,000 hours of life (10 yr). The fitting is vibration resistant with IP66 and IP67 rating and is easily installed and maintained.

HDN106 Modular LED Floodlight

The Hadar HDN-106 Modular LED Floodlight Is a rugged and vibration resistant fitting with IP66 and IP67 rating. Modular construction allows the modules to be used as a single unit or linked together to replicate a large 250W/400W floodlight. Each module has an integrated power supply and offers low power consumption.

More Information

Click here to download the HDN103 datasheet

Click here to download the HDN106 datasheet