Idec Industrial LED


LF1A LED strips use super-bright multi-chip LEDs providing illumination equivalent to a 25W fluorescent lamp, while consuming only one-third the power. They come in a thin housing available in three sizes with four colour configurations: cool white (5500K), warm white (2800K), yellow (590nm) and red (625nm).


LF1B miniature LED lights are enclosed in a thin light strip, and are available in four sizes with a choice of two covers (clear or white). They have a long life with 70% of initial luminance at 40,000 hours.


LF1D and LF2D LED units are the brightest in their class. With their rugged construction they are ideal for machine tools, and food and beverage processing equipment. Offered in a wide or slim package, the design of these LED lights provides equally brilliant light at the centre or edges of the units.


The LF1E illumination lights are designed to be used in freezers or refrigerated display cases where the ambient temperature is as low as -40ºC. These energy saving units, with a long service life, compact size and low heat generation make them perfect for illuminating areas with very low temperatures.


Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights do not flicker and therefore illuminate objects evenly. Uneven surfaces, such as scratches and flaws, are more visible providing more accurate inspections. The LF1F provides steady light regardless of ambient temperature and the narrow profile saves space allowing mounting flexibility.

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