Optical Distance Measurement

AMS300 System

The AMS 300i optical laser distance sensor is used everywhere that position data of moving system parts need to be calculated. With great accuracy and speed, the AMS300 makes distance data available for dynamic control via a unique selection of industrial Ethernet and renowned fieldbus interfaces. Distances of up to 300m are calculated through the use of state-of-the art signal processors in intervals on the order of milliseconds with an accuracy of ±5mm. As a non-contact and absolute system, it is ideal for applications where running cables or comms would be prohibitive.

ODS/ODSL Distance Sensors

Leuze ODS & ODSL sensors utilise either red or laser light to determine the distance to a reference point. They do not require the use of a reflector making them ideal for applications with moving parts or variable surfaces. They are available in variants with sensing ranges of up to 30m.

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