Idec produces a large range of automation timers capable of periods of up to 180 hours. Available in various functions, contact configurations and housings to suit a number of applications.

GT3A Series – Analog Timers
4 selectable operation modes on each model
External start, reset and pause inputs
Panel mount or socket mount
Large variety of functions
Power and output status indicating LEDs
GT3F Series – True OFF Delay Timers
“True” power OFF-delay up to 10 minutes
No external control switch necessary
Available with reset inputs
Mountable in sockets of flush panel
GT3W Series – Dual Time Range Timers
Sequential start, sequential interval, on-delay, recycler & interval ON timing functions
2 time settings on timer
8 selectable operation modes
Mountable in sockets or flush panel
Power and output status indicating LEDs
Time ranges up to 300 hours