All safety systems require a controller to monitor the integrity of the system and provide fail safe outputs to downstream devices. PacificMI supply a range of basic, configurable and programmable safety control devices to cover simple to advanced applications.

Standard Safety Relays

PacificMI’s range of standard safety relays are designed for basic applications such as E-Stop or light curtain monitoring. The Leuze MSI series of safety relays offer high reliability and service in a compact package. These relays can be easily implemented and are ideal for small installations.

Configurable Safety Relays

Configurable safety relays offer increased functionality with additional inputs for connection of further safety related devices and additional outputs for error monitoring. Functions available include muting (sequential or parallel) and cycle control. The Leuze
MSI -x series of relays accept inputs from safety and command devices and have a diagnostics interface for PC based visualisation of system states and troubleshooting.

Programmable Safety Controllers

For more complex safety application the use of a programmable controller allows for simple setup of multiple inputs and outputs. Leuze MSI 100 and MSI 200 controllers offer an optimum solution for small to medium sized machines and are easily programmed with Leuze’s free MSI SafeSoft programming software. An expansion module allows the addition of extra I/O on the MSI 200 base module and a fieldbus module allows for connection to a Profibus network.