Optical Safety

Optical safety devices monitor infra red or laser beams to detect entry into hazardous areas. PacificMI supply a range of devices that allow for high levels of safety whilst maintaining high speed production. Leuze specialises in photoelectric sensing and has an extensive range of optical safety devices and associated accessories.

Light Curtains

Light curtains are used in applications where people and machinery work in close proximity. A high priority is placed on finger and hand protection and as a result reliable detection in dangerous areas is critical. Leuze manufactures light curtains in resolutions from 14 – 90mm and in lengths of up to 3,000mm. Advanced features are available including in-built muting and blanking. The COMPACT series of curtains are built in Australia allowing for fast turnaround and repairs.


Laser safety scanners offer a highly configurable means of providing safety protection over a large area. Capable of a scanning angle up to 190° and a range of up to 6m, they are suitable for both static and mobile applications. Leuze’s ROTOSCAN RS-4 scanners are programmable via PC software and a number of protective and warning fields can be configured to suit the operating environment. Application specific models are available to suit vertical access and transfer car requirements.

Single / Multiple Light Beam Devices

In production applications there is often a requirement to prevent access to automated production cells. In cases such as these, single and multiple light beam devices can be used without interrupting the conveyor system. Leuze’s MLD series offers 1, 2, 3 or 4 beam protection and an IP67 housing. They also include advanced features such as in-built laser alignment aids and integrated muting indication lamps.