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AS-i / Profisafe

For large safety installations a distributed interface allows for faster integration, diagnostics and flexibility. PacificMI is able to provide safety products for AS-i and Profisafe interfaces as well as the interconnecting cables and connectors. Products available include monitors, interfaces, light curtains, laser scanners and E-Stops.

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Door Interlocks

Door interlocks are used to keep access doors secured during machine operation to prevent operator access. Access to the danger zone is only permitted upon receipt of an electronic signal indicating the dangerous operation has ended. PacificMI stocks a range of devices to suit different mechanical and electrical set-ups.

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Encoders are used for speed and position indication of moving parts. In applications where this data is of critical importance, a safety encoder will give an assured output. PacificMI supplies Kubler safety encoders which are available in incremental as well as single-turn and multi-turn absolute variants. With these encoders a safety rating of up to SIL3 is possible.
Visit our Encoders page for more information.

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Foot Switches

Bernstein foot switches are widely used for machine control. As part of their range, they offer safety foot switches with either e-stop or with latching contacts requiring manual reset. All Bernstein foot switches are available with cast aluminium hoods designed for durability and long service life.
Visit our Foot Switches page for more information.

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Safety Mats

Pinnacle safety mats are rugged for harsh industrial applications. They are capable of withstanding multiple punctures with no loss of functionality for extended service life. Mats are available in a range of standard sizes, or they can be custom manufactured to suit. Up to 2 safety zones can be incorporated into 1 mat for simple installation. Safety bump strips are also available.

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Tower Lights & Sirens

Most safety systems will incorporate some form of visual or audible signalling to indicate the current state of the system. PacificMI stocks a range of modular tower lights and sirens from Werma which are ideal for this application. Static or flashing elements are available to indicate start, stop or muting functions.
Visit our Beacons & Sirens page for more information.

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