Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensors are used to detect metallic objects and are commonly used for position and speed monitoring applications. Balluff is a world leader in inductive sensor manufacture and has a number of standard and high performance sensors available.

Balluff’s GlobalProx range of sensors has been developed as a universal sensor, designed to satisfy the needs of standard applications at a competitive price. In addition to this range, there are also sensors to suit more difficult applications such as those in environments with high temperature, high pressure, presence of weld slag or with high susceptibility of mechanical damage.

M8 Flush PNP N/O 1.5mm BES M08MI-PSC15B-S49G BES M08MI-PSC15B-BV03
M8 Flush PNP N/C 1.5mm BES M08MI-POC15B-S49G BES M08MI-POC15B-BV03
M8 Flush NPN N/O 1.5mm BES M08MI-NSC15B-S49G BES M08MI-NSC15B-BV03
M12 Flush PNP N/O 4mm BES M12MI-PSC40B-S04G BES M12MI-PSC40B-BV03
M12 Flush PNP N/C 4mm BES M12MI-POC40B-S04G BES M12MI-POC40B-BV03
M12 Flush NNP N/O 4mm BES M12MI-NSC40B-S04G BES M12MI-NSC40B-BV03
M18 Flush PNP N/O 8mm BES M18MI-PSC80B-S04K BES M18MI-PSC80B-BV03
M18 Flush PNP N/C 8mm BES M18MI-POC80B-S04K BES M18MI-POC80B-BV03
M18 Flush NNP N/O 8mm BES M18MI-NSC80B-S04K BES M18MI-NSC80B-BV03
M30 Flush PNP N/O 15mm BES M30MI-PSC15B-S04K BES M30MI-PSC15B-BV03
M30 Flush PNP N/C 15mm BES M30MI-POC15B-S04K BES M30MI-POC15B-BV03
M30 Flush NNP N/O 15mm BES M30MI-NSC15B-S04K BES M30MI-NSC15B-BV03

*Connectors: M8 Sensors – 3-Pin M8 :: M12, M18 & M30 Sensors – 4-Pin M12 **Cables: 3m PVC