Auxiliary Powered

Wave Series

Auxiliary powered (or 4 wire) isolators are the most versatile of all. As they are powered from an external power source, they can be equipped with many options, including indication, alarms, instrument power supply, communications, and bi-directional outputs such as -10V to +10V. The term three port isolation is often used to describe these transmitters because input, output and power ports are all isolated from each other. These can vary from 1000 Volts up to many thousands of volts.

Current/Voltage Isolator/Converter 0-22mA/0-11V 0-22mA/0-11V 10-60VDC 7940024139 WavePak DC/DC
Universal Signal Isolator/Converter/Alarm mA/V/RTD/TC/
0-22mA/±10V + 2xC/O Relays 18-264VAC/DC 8939670000 WAVE TTA
DIP Switch Configurable Current/Voltage Converter/Isolator ±50mA /±100V ±20mA/±10V 20-253VAC/DC 8560740000 WAS4 PRO DC/DC
Universal RTD Converter/Isolator 2/3/4 Wire RTD
0(4)-20mA/0-10V 18-30VDC 8560700000 WAS5 PRO RTD
Universal Frequency Converter/Isolator 0-100kHZ 0(4)-20mA/0-10V 18-30VDC 8581180000 WAS4 PRO FREQ
Strain Gauge Isolator / Converter Resistance Bridge Strain Gauge 0(4)-20mA/0-10V 10-60VDC 1067250000 ACT20P-BRIDGE-S
AC/DC Current Monitoring 0-1A/0-5A/0-10A (AC) 0(4)-20mA/0-10V 24 V DC ± 10 % 8523400000 WAS1 CMA 1/5/10A
AC/DC Current Monitoring 0-5A/0-10A (AC/DC) 0(4)-20mA/0-10V 24 V DC ± 10 % 8526610000 WAS2 CMA 5/10A uc
AC/DC Current Monitoring 0-20A/0-25A/0-30A (AC/DC) 0(4)-20mA/0-10V 24 V DC ± 10 % 8545830000 WAS2 CMA 20/25/30A uc
AC/DC Current Monitoring 0-40A/0-50A/0-60A (AC/DC) 0(4)-20mA/0-10V 24 V DC ± 10 % 8513330000 WAS CMA 40/50/60A uc
AC Voltage Monitoring (Single Phase) 0-450VAC 0(4)-20mA/0-10V 18-30VDC 8581220000 WAS2 VMA V ac

*Configured via CBX200 Programming Cable


ACT20M Series

The ACT20M series of signal isolators has been developed specifically for high density applications. The series features 6mm wide housings whist proving 2.5kV of isolation and a -25-70⁰C temperature rating.

Universal Input/output with sensor supply 1176030000 ACT20M-UI-AO-S
mA/V input/output, no sensor supply, 0-70C operation 1176010000 ACT20M-AI-AO-E-S
mA/V input/output with 17V sensor supply, -25°C to 70°C operation 1176000000 ACT20M-AI-AO-S
mA/V input/2 x output with 17V sensor supply, -25°C to 70°C operation 1176020000 ACT20M-AI-2AO-S
0(4)-20mA input/ 0(4)-20mA output, 600Ω load 1175980000 ACT20M-CI-CO-S
0(4)-20mA input/ 2 x 0(4)-20mA output, 2 x 300Ω load 1175990000 ACT20M-CI-2CO-S

*Configured via CBX200 Programming Cable | Rail Bus Accessories Also Available