Output Powered

Output loop powered (or 2-Wire) isolators gained their name because the power for their operation is carried on the same pair of wires as the output signal they control. A typical loop consists of a regulated dc power supply, the two-wire transmitter and a receiving device all connected in series.

The 4-20mA output signal powers the electronics of the transmitter. The input is filtered and conditioned and then passed across an input to output isolation barrier. The demodulated signal varies the output in proportion to the measurement.

The input side can be analogue based with fixed input, or microprocessor based such as the ITXPlus, which offers greater flexibility in handling many different input types in a standard off the shelf unit.

Universal Input Isolator* mA/V/RTD/TC/Freq/mV/Pot (0)4-20mA 7940016463 ITXPlus
Current/Voltage Isolator mA/V (0)4-20mA 8543720000 WAS5 OLP
Signal Splitter mA/V (0)4-20mA 8581160000 WAS5 2OLP

*Calibrated | CBX200USB Cable