Panel Meters

The N24 series of panel meters are a programmable panel mount digital display that can be used to indicate voltage & current. PacificMI stocks a range of meters that can be scaled to suit inputs from most transformers and CTs. Customers can either order the units pre-configured, or purchase a PD14 programming cable to make changes themselves.

  • Fully configurable – scaling, decimal point position, measurement averaging time
  • 4-Digit LED display, 20mm high numbers
  • Display 0.000 to 9999
  • IP65 from front
  • Compact dimensions: 96 x 48 x 61mm
  • Other models available for DC voltage, DC current & temperature
  • Model with alarms and colour changing display available

Through the use of PC based software, the displays can be scaled to suit the transformers and CT’s