MPA Motor Protection Relay

The MPA Motor Protection Relay forms part of Ampcontrol’s range of innovative protection and control solutions and has been designed to provide optimum overload protection and motor management for all applications; typically conveyors, pumps, fans and compressors.

The MPA relay is a cost effective solution for motor protection applications, offering advanced motor information with the capability to monitor temperature and provide pre-trip condition alarms. Combined with the insulation test feature, this relay delivers a unique package backed by Ampcontrol’s ongoing commitment to technical support.


The MPA relay requires three current transformers to measure the three line currents which are used to implement the following protection functions; overload, short circuit, phase current balance and residual current. Full load settings cover a range from 5 Amps to 640 Amps. The relay is housed in a stainless steel enclosure complete with rear plug-in connectors and is suitable for flush mounting.

Features and Benefits:

  • System reliability by initiating proactive and preventative maintenance programs
  • Drive availability with pre-trip alarms on critical standby equipment
  • Safety for personnel with regular insulation condition testing
  • User friendly interface with backlit LCD display and tactile keypad
  • Diagnostics and communications simplified with comprehensive message display
  • Ethernet communications option