Plugs & Receptacles

PacificMI supply the New Macey range of medium and high voltage electrical connectors used in underground mining. They are one of the few guaranteed waterproof connectors available in Australia.

New Macey plugs are used wherever reliable and safe electrical connectors are needed. Typical industry sectors are collieries, metalliferous mines, coal and mineral loaders, quarries and washing plants.

Restrained Plugs

Several of New Macey’s restrained plugs ranging from 60 to 600 amps are made from stainless steel rather than the more commonly used bronze. Both stainless steel and bronze are corrosion resistant. However, stainless steel is much harder and therefore reduces the occurrence of nicks and gouges in the connector which in turn extends usable life.

Receptacles & Back to Backs

New Macey manufacture a full range of receptacles and back to backs in 415 / 690 /1100V, 3.3kV and 60 / 150 / 300 / 600 Amp. These products all meet the requirements of AS1299 and are corrosion free, robust and fully waterproof.

Bolted Couplers Up to 11kV

New Macey’s bolted couplers have been designed to be simple to make off and require no soldering. They also do not need to be filled with resin which means the couple is far lighter than other manufacturers products.

Other Fittings

New Macey has a large range of other connectors for the transport, oil, gas and mining industries. For more information on any of these products, please visit the New Macey website or contact us.